Russia & Baltic States Tour.


Day 1.


Overnight: Vilnius four-star Holiday Inn Hotel

Arrival to Vilnius airport, VNO.

  • Optional:
    Transfer service airport to hotel.

Day 2.


Overnight: Vilnius four-star Holiday Inn Hotel

Morning: City tour of Vilnius.
Afternoon: Optional excursion.
Evening: Optional dinner + performance.

In the middle ages Vilnius was the political centre of Lithuania, an empire that extended from the Baltic Sea to the Black Sea. Centuries of struggle to dominate this region have left their mark and today we can see its marks on more than 1200 historical buildings. This tour would take us to some of the most important like Vilnius Cathedral, Pilies street, The Gates of Dawn, Peter and Paul's Church, St. Anne's Church and more.

In the afternoon we can choose to continue exploration of the city on our own, or we can take the optional tour to Trakai. The old capital of Lithuania has a fairy-tale castle floating on a island in the middle of a lake. This castle is probably one of the most instagramable views in Europe. Later in the evening, we can enjoy a typical Lithuanian dinner and folkloric performance.

  • Optional:
    Excursion to Trakai Castle.
  • Optional:
    Lithuanian dinner and folk show.

Day 3


Overnight: Riga four-star Tallink Hotel.

Today we take the coach and head on to Riga in Latvia. On the way we'll visit:

The Hill of Crosses: Located in the North of Lithuania, the hill of crosses has become one of the most popular spots to visit in the region. The tradition of leaving a cross here began around 1830, as a protest against the tsar's regime. This tradition carried on during the Soviet occupation. During this tour we will walk the pathways between and around the hill and we'll learn more about the history of this place.

Rundale Palace: This magnificent palace was designed by the celebrated architect Bartolomeo Rastrelli, who also designed the Winter Palace in St. Petersburg and the Hermitage Museum. Rundale's gardens are famous worldwide and have been often compared to Versailles. After this tour we continue our way to Riga.

Day 4


Overnight: Riga four-star Tallink Hotel.

Morning: City tour of Riga.
Afternoon: Optional excursion or concert.

Riga is a city defined by its 1900s. It was around this time that most of the impressive Art Nouveau style that we see today was conceived, almost 40% of the city's buildings were designed in this style. On this tour we will get to see all the most important landmarks in the city: Riga's castle, Dome Cathedral, The House of the Black Heads, the "three brothers", the Freedom Monument and more.

In the afternoon we can choose to take the additional tour to Jurmala, a well known resort on the Baltic Sea coast. We can also choose to attend a concert in the cathedral to listen to the sonorous 6768 pipes of its E. F. Walcker organ built in 1884.

  • Optional:
    Excursion to Jurmala.
  • Optional:
    Organ concert at the Riga's Cathedral.

Day 5


Overnight: Riga four-star Tallink Hotel.

Morning: Excursion to Gauja National Park and Turaida Castle.
Afternoon: Optional excursion.
Evening: Optional dinner + performance.

Today we leave Riga to explore the medieval history of Latvia in the heart of the country. The Gauja National Park is one of the most important in Latvia, containing 500 of Latvia's natural and cultural treasures. One of the most important ones is Turaida Castle. The original castle was conceived in wood with aim to protect the Gauja Valley from invaders. Over the centuries, the castle have seen numerous transformations. The current castle has been restored to the original one from the XVI century.

After our excursion, we have the option to visit the Motor Museum in Riga with an impressive collection of cars that includes some of the Kremlin's original limos. In the evening there is an optional performance and typical Latvian dinner.

  • Optional:
    Riga's Motor Museum.
  • Optional:
    Latvian dinner and folk show.

Day 6


Overnight: Tallinn four-star Tallink City Hotel.

Morning: Transfer to Tallinn.

Today we take our coach and head on to Estonia's capital city: Tallinn. We'll take the coastal road and on the way we will stop at the picturesque town of Parnu. This town has been famous for its bohemian lifestyle and beautiful beaches.

Day 7


Overnight: Tallinn four-star Tallink City Hotel.

Morning: City tour of Tallinn.
Afternoon: Optional excursion.

Tallinn is a bit like Janus the Roman god with two faces. On the one hand, its medieval history still reverberates on its massive defensive walls. On the other, Tallinn is an high-tech incubator with a density of 31 startups per 100 thousand inhabitants. The third largest in Europe.

Tallinn's old town is very busy, with lots of cafes and shops, many offering artworks by local artists, as well as the usual souvenirs. Along this tour we'll visit the most important landmarks, such as, Toompea Castle, Alexander Nevsky Cathedral, Dome Cathedral, the Gild's Hall and many more. In the afternoon, there is an optional excursion to Kadriorg Park and the Kumu Museum.

  • Optional:
    Excursion to Kadrior park and the KUMU museum.

Day 8


Overnight: Helsinki four-star Glo Art Hotel.

Morning: Optional excursion.
Afternoon: Transfer to Helsinki.

In the morning you have the option to explore Tallinn furthermore or take the optional tour to the National Park of Lahemaa. Located at less than an hour drive from Tallinn, Lahemaa is one of the most beautiful parks in Estonia, as well as the oldest. Renowned for its bogs and virgin forests, the park contains a wealth of wildlife and history. In this tour we'll visit Vihula, Sagadi and Palmse manor houses as well. Once back in Tallinn, we will head to the port to take the ferry to our next destination: Helsinki.

  • Optional:
    6hrs. Excursion to Lahemaa National Park.

Day 9


Overnight: Helsinki four-star Glo Art Hotel.

Morning: City tour of Helsinki.
Afternoon: Optional excursion.
Evening: Optional dinner.

Helsinki has been called the capital of design of Scandinavia (although some would debate is in Scandinavia at all). Due to its particular location, Helsinki is the axle that connects three different cultures: Russia, The Baltic States and Scandinavia itself. On this tour we will get to know more about this and visit the highlights of the city such as Senate Square, the Cathedral, Mannerheim, the Parliament Building, the Hall of Finlandia, the Sibelius monument, and of course, the Church in the Rock.

In the afternoon we can choose to take an optional tour to the fortress on Suomenlinna island, an amazing location to explore and to know more about Finland.

  • Optional:
    Excursion to Suomenlinna Fortress.
  • Optional:
    Finnish dinner at city restaurant.

Day 10


Overnight: St. Petersburg four-star Sokos Hotel.

Morning: Transfer to St. Petersburg & visit to the town of Vyborg.

Today we take our coach and head on to the North road over the Gulf of Finland. Along the way we will pass the towns of Porvoo and Kotka until we finally reach Vyborg, just across the Russian border with Finland.

Vyborg is a picturesque town of the Leningrad Oblast, tucked in an appealing corner of the Gulf of Finland. Half Finnish, half Russian, Vyborg is peppered with beautiful Art Nouveau buildings and romantic cobblestone streets. An ideal place for great pictures, especially if you are into Instagram. We'll make a sightseeing tour of the town and stop at the castle for pictures. Then we'll head towards our final destination, St. Petersburg, some 170 Km away.

Day 11


Overnight: St. Petersburg four-star Sokos Hotel.

Morning: City tour of St. Petersburg.
Afternoon: Optional excursions.

Today we'll visit the Venice of the North: St. Petersburg. During this morning tour you will see the Fortress of Peter and Paul, the Winter Palace, St. Isaac’s Cathedral, Church of the Saviour, the Nevsky Convent and more. In the afternoon you can take the optional excursion to Zarskoye Selo which includes Catherine's Palace and the famous Amber Hall. In the evening you can enjoy as well of an optional folklore performance with champagne and snacks.

  • Optional: 4hrs. Excursion to Zarskoye Selo and Catherine's Palace.
  • Optional: Folklore show at Nikolaevsky Palace.

Day 12


Overnight: St. Petersburg four-star Sokos Hotel.

Morning: Optional excursion.
Evening: Optional excursion.

Today you can choose how would you like to spend your day in St. Petersburg. We offer three choices for you: a visit to Peterhof Palace, one of the most stunning buildings conceived in times of Peter the Great. In this tour you can see the Grand Palace, the Grand Cascade and the Water Avenue. In the afternoon you can enjoy an encounter with the arts at the world-famous Hermitage Museum. Finally in the evening you will enjoy of an optional Russian dinner at one of the most remarkable restaurants in the city.

  • Optional: 4hrs. Excursion to Peterhof Palace.
  • Optional: 3hrs. Excursion to Hermitage Museum.
  • Optional: National Russian dinner.

Day 13


Overnight: Moscow four-star Azimut Hotel.

Morning: Optional excursion to the canals.
Afternoon: Railway transfer to Moscow.

In the morning you have a choice to take a cruise on the famous canals of St. Petersburg. In the afternoon we'll take the fast train (SAPSAN) to the next leg of our journey: Moscow

  • Optional: Guided cruise on the canals of St. Petersburg.

Day 14


Overnight: Moscow four-star Azimut Hotel.

Morning: Moscow city tour.
Afternoon: Optional excursion.

Moscow is the economic centre and the political heart of Russia. On this tour you will visit the landmarks of this legendary city and perhaps uncover some of its secrets. We'll experience all the highlights with the famous Red Square and St Basil's Cathedral, Theatre Square and the Bolshoi Theatre, Moscow University and the Sparrow Hills. We'll also have opportunity to visit the Kremlin's grounds. The afternoon gives you choice of an optional excursion to the stunning Moscow Metro and the popular Arbat street. The evening provides you with choice of a night river cruise with the White Flotilla.

Day 15


Overnight: Moscow four-star Azimut Hotel.

Day: Optional excursion.

Today you can choose how would you like to spend your day in Moscow with an offer of a tour to the ancient city of Sergiev Posad, home of one of the most important orthodox monasteries in Russia: Trinity Lavra of St. Sergius.

  • Optional:
    8hrs. Excursion to Sergiev Posad.

Day 16


Departure from Moscow airport MOW.

  • Optional:
    Transfer service airport to hotel.
Itinerary map of Russia and Baltic States tour
Vilnius Pilies Street
Vilnius Cathedral
ORgan at Vilnius University
The three Baltic States
Hill of Crosses
Popes pagoda
Rundale Palace
Riga, House of the Balck Heads
Riga, Laima Clock
Afternoon in Riga
Riga's Art Nouveau
Tallinn's Old Warehouses
View of Tallinn's Old Town
Tallinn's Fat Margaret tower
Medieval Library in Tallinn
Pikk Hermann tower in Toompea Castle
Helsinki's famous City Hall
Port of Helsinki
Monument dedicated to the composer Sibelius
Lively day in Helsinki
Arriving to Suomenlinna Fortress
Church of the spilled blood in St. Petersburg
Detail at the Hermitage Museum
Gallery of the Hermitage Museum
Waterway of Peterhof Palace in St. Petersburg
Fountains of Peterhof Palace
Golden statues of Peterhof Palace
St. Petersburg port
Kremlin and the clock tower in Moscow
Panoramic view of Moscow
Modern Moscow
Moscow honour guard
Quaint streets of Moscow

What's Included in the Tour


  • 15x Nights accommodation in four-star category hotels with breakfast:
    • 2x nights in Vilnius Holiday Inn.
    • 3x nights in Riga, Tallink Hotel.
    • 2x nights in Tallinn, Tallink Hotel.
    • 2x nights in Helsinki, Glo Art Hotel.
    • 3x nights in St. Petersburg, Sokos Hotel.
    • 3x nights in Moscow, Azimut Hotel.
  • 15x Buffet-style breakfasts at hotels.
  • Entrances and visits:
    • Peter & Paul's Church.
    • Rundale Palace.
    • Great Gild Hall.
    • Church in the Rock.
    • Peter and Paul's Fortress.
    • The Moscow Kremlin.
  • Comfort coach with climate control for the entire journey.
  • Escort leading guides.
  • This tour is available in English, Spanish, German, Italian & Portuguese.

  • Notes:
    Hotel ratings are shown according to the date of this publication. Bear in mind customer reviews may vary.


  • Hotel Holiday Inn
    Holiday Inn Hotel Vilnius
    TripAdvisor: ⦿⦿⦿⦿⦾ 4.5/5
    711 Reviews
  • Hotel Tallink
    Tallink Hotel Riga
    TripAdvisor: ⦿⦿⦿⦿ 4/5
    1253 Reviews
  • Hotel Tallink City
    Tallink City Hotel Tallinn
    TripAdvisor: ⦿⦿⦿⦿ 4/5
    820 Reviews
  • Hotel Sokos St. Petersburg
    Hotel Sokos St. Petersburg
    TripAdvisor: ⦿⦿⦿⦿⦾ 4.5/5
    1612 Reviews
  • Hotel Azimut Moscow
    Hotel Azimut Moscow
    TripAdvisor: ⦿⦿⦿⦿⦾ 4.5/5
    1222 Reviews

Russia & Baltic States Tour.

This is a tour full of contrasts. On the one hand, we have the Baltic States, a trio of small countries bathed by the waters of the Baltic Sea. On the other hand, we have Russia. One of the largest country in the world spanning over Europe, the Middle East and Asia. The history of this nations has been intertwined for hundreds of years with Russia trying to get control of the Baltic States while these little rascals managed to get away whenever the occasion presented itself.

Nowadays, in the 21st. century, things seem quite different with the Baltics enjoying a lasting independence and their incorporation into the European club of nations. Needless to say, tourism has been booming for the Baltic States, reaching a two-digit grow in visits in 2018 alone, with Latvia having the biggest grow.

With so much interest in the region it seemed only logical to put together a trip that involved all the actors (that is to say countries) that make history in this part of the world. Of course, that means we cannot, under any circumstance, leave Finland out. Finland, like the Baltic States, has one foot on the East and one on the West and it has also been part of the historical roller coaster between two visions of the world.

Cathedral of the Spilled Blood, St. Petersburg

Helsinki itself is a reflect of the cultural mix in this part of the world. With Scandinavia in the West, Russia in the East and the Baltic States in the South, Helsinki has been a pivot between cultures and also a happy recipient of whatever these cultures had to give.

With a bit of culture, a bit of drama and a bit of adventure, this tour has all the ingredients to make these 16 days something to remember.