Gran Tour of the Baltic States.


Day 1


Overnight: Vilnius four-star Holiday Inn Hotel

Arrival to Vilnius airport, VNO.

  • Optional:
    Transfer service airport to hotel.

Day 2


Overnight: Vilnius four-star Holiday Inn Hotel

Morning: City tour of Vilnius.
Afternoon: Optional excursion.
Evening: Optional dinner + performance.

In the middle ages Vilnius was the political centre of Lithuania, an empire that extended from the Baltic Sea to the Black Sea. Centuries of struggle to dominate this region have left their mark and today we can see its marks on more than 1200 historical buildings. This tour would take us to some of the most important like Vilnius Cathedral, Pilies street, The Gates of Dawn, Peter and Paul's Church, St. Anne's Church and more.

In the afternoon we can choose to continue exploration of the city on our own, or we can take the optional tour to Trakai. The old capital of Lithuania has a fairy-tale castle floating on a island in the middle of a lake. This castle is probably one of the most instagramable views in Europe. Later in the evening, we can enjoy a typical Lithuanian dinner and folkloric performance.

  • Optional:
    Excursion to Trakai Castle.
  • Optional:
    Lithuanian dinner and folk show.

Day 3


Overnight: Riga four-star Tallink Hotel

Today we take the coach and head on to Riga in Latvia. On the way we'll visit:

The Hill of Crosses: Located in the North of Lithuania, the hill of crosses has become one of the most popular spots to visit in the region. The tradition of leaving a cross here began around 1830, as a protest against the tsar's regime. This tradition carried on during the Soviet occupation. During this tour we will walk the pathways between and around the hill and we'll learn more about the history of this place.

Rundale Palace: This magnificent palace was designed by the celebrated architect Bartolomeo Rastrelli, who also designed the Winter Palace in St. Petersburg and the Hermitage Museum. Rundale's gardens are famous worldwide and have been often compared to Versailles. After this tour we continue our way to Riga.

Day 4


Overnight: Riga four-star Tallink Hotel

Morning: City tour of Riga.
Afternoon: Optional excursion or concert.

Riga is a city defined by its 1900s. It was around this time that most of the impressive Art Nouveau style that we see today was conceived, almost 40% of the city's buildings were designed in this style. On this tour we will get to see all the most important landmarks in the city: Riga's castle, Dome Cathedral, The House of the Black Heads, the "three brothers", the Freedom Monument and more.

In the afternoon we can choose to take the additional tour to Jurmala, a well known resort on the Baltic Sea coast. We can also choose to attend a concert in the cathedral to listen to the sonorous 6768 pipes of its E. F. Walcker organ built in 1884.

  • Optional:
    Excursion to Jurmala.
  • Optional:
    Organ concert at the Riga's Cathedral.

Day 5


Overnight: Riga four-star Tallink Hotel

Morning: Excursion to Gauja National Park and Turaida Castle.
Afternoon: Optional excursion.
Evening: Optional dinner + performance.

Today we leave Riga to explore the medieval history of Latvia in the heart of the country. The Gauja National Park is one of the most important in Latvia, containing 500 of Latvia's natural and cultural treasures. One of the most important ones is Turaida Castle. The original castle was conceived in wood with aim to protect the Gauja Valley from invaders. Over the centuries, the castle have seen numerous transformations. The current castle has been restored to the original one from the XVI century.

After our excursion, we have the option to visit the Motor Museum in Riga with an impressive collection of cars that includes some of the Kremlin's original limos. In the evening there is an optional performance and typical Latvian dinner.

  • Optional:
    Riga's Motor Museum.
  • Optional:
    Latvian dinner and folk show.

Day 6


Overnight: Tallinn four-star Tallink City Hotel

Morning: Transfer to Tallinn.

Today we take our coach and head on to Estonia's capital city: Tallinn. We'll take the coastal road and on the way we will stop at the picturesque town of Parnu. This town has been famous for its bohemian lifestyle and beautiful beaches.

Day 7


Overnight: Tallinn four-star Tallink City Hotel

Morning: City tour of Tallinn.
Afternoon: Optional excursion.

Tallinn is a bit like Janus the Roman god with two faces. On the one hand, its medieval history still reverberates on its massive defensive walls. On the other, Tallinn is an high-tech incubator with a density of 31 startups per 100 thousand inhabitants. The third largest in Europe.

Tallinn's old town is very busy, with lots of cafes and shops, many offering artworks by local artists, as well as the usual souvenirs. Along this tour we'll visit the most important landmarks, such as, Toompea Castle, Alexander Nevsky Cathedral, Dome Cathedral, the Gild's Hall and many more. In the afternoon, there is an optional excursion to Kadriorg Park and the Kumu Museum.

Day 8


Departure from Tallinn airport TLL.

  • Optional:
    Transfer service airport to hotel.
Itinerary map of the Tour of the Baltic States
Vilnius Pilies Street
Vilnius Cathedral
ORgan at Vilnius University
The three Baltic States
Hill of Crosses
Popes pagoda
Rundale Palace
Riga, House of the Balck Heads
Riga, Laima Clock
Afternoon in Riga
Riga's Art Nouveau
Tallinn's Old Warehouses
View of Tallinn's Old Town
Tallinn's Fat Margaret tower
Medieval Library in Tallinn
Pikk Hermann tower in Toompea Castle

What's Included in the Tour


  • 7x nights accommodation in four-star category hotels with breakfast:
    • 2x nights in Vilnius Holiday Inn.
    • 3x nights in Riga, Tallink Hotel.
    • 2x nights in Tallinn, Tallink Hotel.
  • 7x Buffet-style breakfasts at hotels.
  • Entrances and visits:
    • Peter & Paul Church.
    • Rundale Palace.
    • Turaida Castle.
    • Great Gild Hall.
  • Comfort coach with climate control for the entire journey.
  • Leading guide in English, Spanish, German, Italian, Portuguese.

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    Hotel ratings are shown according to the date of this publication. Bear in mind customer reviews may vary.


  • Hotel Holiday Inn
    Holiday Inn Hotel Vilnius
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  • Hotel Tallink
    Tallink Hotel Riga
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  • Hotel Tallink City
    Tallink City Hotel Tallinn
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Seven Hundred Kilometres to Freedom.

It feels like an eternity, and yet, it was no long ago when the Baltic States were still part of the Soviet Union. Let me tell you a story. When the communist system fell apart in 1989, many people saw the opportunity to break free and regain their long lost independence. First in June 1989, a humble workers union, Solidarity, beat the soviets at a parliamentary election in Poland, at that same time when Hungary was dismantling its Iron Wall. This action gave courage to hundreds of East-Germans to move across the border, a movement that subsequently, ended up with the smantling of their own Berlin Wall.

Just one month after those events, in August 1989, the peoples of Baltic States executed one extraordinary move the likes of which no one ever seen in the Soviet Union before: A human chain extending almost 700 kilometres from Vilnius to Tallinn. The total number of people that participated in the chain, from Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania is estimated in 1.5 million people. Some estimates put the number in more than 2 million. It remains to this date as an example of masterful organization in a time without Internet, apps or mobile phones. All they had were simple radios, pens, paper and the will to coordinate one and a half million people into give a single unified message to the world: freedom.

Sunset in Tallinn
Photo: Noiisha

Similar to the Arab Spring of 2010, the "Autumn of Nations" of 1989 saw a chain reaction that sent ripples across the world. The Baltic States won their independence just few months after the chain of freedom took place.

This story should tell you something important about the character of the Baltic States, how they approach their problems, and how they find solutions. In the twenty years that follow independence, the Baltic States, without any money, natural resources or industry of any kind, managed catapult themselves from poverty into members of the European Union.

The ancient Pilies street in Vilnius
Photo: Gabriel Orentas

And I know what some of you might be thinking, "hey, where's the tourism? Where's the sightseeing, the excursions and the food?" Well, yes all those things are good and you will have plenty of things to see and do during your journey, but for me those thing pale in front of the real story. We face so many challenges in the world and for that reason only this Baltic chain of freedom, this intangible triumph of the spirit, should be something to be treasured, not just by Europe. but for the entire world.

Today in Vilnius, between the cathedral's entrance and the bell tower, exist a humble stone on the pavement that marks the point where the chain began. It is said that if you make a wish and turn three times standing on that stone, your wish will become true. It became true for the Baltic States, so why not for you as well?

Chain to freedom