Arctic Adventure.


Day 1


Overnight: Murmansk four-star Hotel Azimut.

Arrival in Murmansk airport MMK.

Day 2


Overnight: Murmansk four-star Hotel Azimut.

Morning: City tour of Murmansk.
Afternoon: Lenin icebreaker museum.
Evening: Aurora borealis hunting time.

Murmansk is the largest city North of the Arctic Circle with a population around 300000 people. It is located very close to Norway at just 100Km from the border. During the cold war, Murmansk was an strategic port of the Russian naval fleet.

In this city tour we'll visit the Alyosha Monument, the Monument to the Sailors and we'll see fragments of the Kursk submarine that sank in 2001. After lunch the group will continue their tour of Murmansk with a visit to the Lenin Icebreaker and the Regional History Museums.

In the evening, if the weather allows it, we'll attempt to catch the northern lights during a night tour.

Day 3


Overnight: Murmansk four-star Hotel Azimut.

Morning: Excursion to the village of Teriberka.
Afternoon: Excursion to the waterfalls.

Teriberka is located on the coast of the Arctic Ocean. The region is characterized by the tundra and the wild nature. The film "Leviathan" was filmed here, and since the film's nominations to the Oscar, the village has become very popular.

After lunch, we will ride on motor-pulled sleighs to the beautiful waterfalls that drop their waters into the Artic Ocean.

Day 4


Overnight: Murmansk four-star Hotel Azimut.

Morning: Visit to the Husky Park.
Afternoon: Visit to the Ethnic Village.

Today we'll visit the noble Siberian Huskies. We'll have opportunity to meet this caring dogs and also see some reindeers. Then we will take an exciting ride on a sleigh pulled by dogs.

Right after lunch we'll continue our journey to the Ethnic Village where we'll learn about the style of life of the peoples of the North and also meet the Sami tribes that inhabit in this part of Russia.

Day 5


Departure from Murmansk airport MMK.

Itinerary map of The arctic Adventure tour
Pamoramic view from Lovozero
Anti air battery in Murmansk
Sami Reindeers
The Lenin Ship
The Northern lights in Teriberka
Lake Ladoga
Submarine in Murmansk
Gorge on the Northern coast

What's Included in the Tour


  • 4x Nights accommodation in four-star category hotel:
    • 4x nights in Murmansk Hotel Azimut.
  • 4x Buffet-style breakfasts at hotel.
  • Entrances and visits:
    • City tour Murmansk.
    • Excursion to Teribeka.
    • Icebreaker Museum.
    • Murmansk Regional History Museum.
    • Northern lights hunting tour.
    • Husky Park.
    • Ethnic Village.
  • Coach with climate control for the entire journey.
  • Local guides.
  • Transfers airport-hotel, hotel-airport.
  • This tour is available in German and English.

  • Notes:
    Hotel ratings are shown according to the date of this publication. Bear in mind customer reviews may vary.
    It is important to note that weather condition are unpredictable and certain activities or excursions might be affected. We will always try our best to provide same activity on a different day, or an alternative activity.


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The Arctic Adventure.

With a population of just over 300.000, Murmansk can easily be overlooked as a "small" city. But what this town lacks in size it compensates, highly, in courage. Murmansk is a city born from the needs imposed by war. A city conceived in 1915 to facilitate the transport of military supplies from Russia's allies during the great war, thanks to its ice-free harbour, Murmansk would not cease to see action years later during the Russian civil war 1918-1920, WWII and even during the Cold War.

During WWII, Murmansk served as the main link between Soviet Union and the Western allies who would deliver numerous supplies here via arctic convoys. As you could imagine, Murmansk was attacked in numerous occasions and suffered great losses. But thanks to its resilience, the city earned the official title of Hero City.

Kizhi wooden church, Karelia

But history is not the only reason to visit this region North of the Arctic Circle. The Kola Peninsula breathtaking landscapes and outdoor opportunities during the summer and the magnificence of the Northern Light during winter.