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Winter Tours.

Baltic States, Scandinavia and Russia are ideal destinations all year around. Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania in particular, are the newest destinations and with growing demand in America and Asia. As a distributor of B2B travel services, Rewisse offers the right combination of services that your customers demand: The convenience of guaranteed departures together with customisable options and the freedom to enjoy a trip at your own pace. Below you will find a selection of the tours we offer in both winter and in summer season, but there is much more available. Feel free to contact us anytime with your particular requirements.

The hunt for the northern lights

Dec 2022 - Mar 2023

The Hunt for the Northern Lights


The aurora borealis is an elusive phenomenon, but once you catch a glance of it, it's a life changing experience, which is why this journey is in the bucket list of every traveller in the world.

  • 5 Days & 4 Nights
  • English, Spanish
  • Trømso, Alta

Dec 2022 - Mar 2023

Russian Winter Adventure


Karelia has been portrayed in numerous stories. Extending over to different countries: Finland and Russia. Stunning landscapes and unbelievable wooden architecture make of this region a must to visit.

  • 6 Days & 5 Nights
  • English
  • St Petersburg, Karelia

Jan 2023 - Mar 2023

The Best of Lapland


Nothing gets more Nordic than Lapland. This vast land of snow and lush forests is the epitome of the North in all its forms. Extending above and below de Arctic Circle, Lapland is the ultimate winter experience.

  • 6 Days & 5 Nights
  • English, Spanish
  • Kirkenes, Rovaniemi, Kemi

Dec 2022 - Mar 2023

The Arctic Adventure


When we think of the northern lights most of the time we think of Norway or Finland, but how about Russia? Discover what lies beyond the Arctic Circle in this tour of discovery.

  • 5 Days & 4 Nights
  • German, English
  • Murmansk, Teribeka, Lovozero

Spring to Summer 2023

Escorted Guaranteed Tours.

A full selection of tours is coming up in this 2023 season. Discover more tours in Northern Europe and deep into the heart of Russia. From the capital of the fjords, Bergen, to the land of the Tartars in Kazan, we have you covered. These are some of the itineraries you can expect in 2023.

The Golden Ring Tour

May - Aug 2023

The Golden Ring Tour


Take the first step into a journey between the past and present of the most controversial country in the planet: Russia. From the architectural flamboyance of St. Petersburg to the ancient treasures of the Golden Ring.

  • 10 Days & 9 Nights
  • English, Spanish
  • St.Petersburg, Moscow, Suzdal

May - Sep 2023

Around the Gulf of Finland

Estonia, Finland, Russia

Experience the wonders that lie around the Gulf of Finland. Discover the medieval charm of Tallinn, the capital of design Helsinki and the architectural flamboyance of St. Petersburg.

  • 8 Days & 7 Nights
  • English, Spanish
  • Tallinn, Helsinki, St Petersburg

Mar - Oct 2023

Grand Baltic Tour

Baltic States

This cosy trio of nations on the East coast of the Baltic Sea have are the new upcoming destination in Europe. The Baltic States are a great opportunity to see something different.

  • 8 Days & 7 Nights
  • Englsih, German, Spanish, Portuguese
  • Tallinn, Riga, Vilnius

May - Sep 2023

Russia & Baltic States Tour


This one of the longest tours we offer. A total of 16 days to enjoy the highlights of Russia and the Baltic State in a single trip. And of course, because this is a tour of the Baltics, we wouldn't dare to leave Helsinki out!

  • 16 Days & 15 Nights
  • English, German, Spanish, Portuguese

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